Sunday, January 22, 2017

The World is Falling Apart!

Living in this world full of amenities and our needs is very advantageous on our part. With the growing desire of man to live in this place has made many outbreaks in history and in the future to come. With that, man has sought of ways to mingle not only among themselves but with other living creatures around them. They have proven to the world that they are superior and in control. They learned to set norms and traditions that would be followed. They continue to progress in many ways. However, being in control of almost anything around them may be one factor that could bring mankind to its extinction. Too much of something is a bad thing.

Today, the world has changed. Comparing the world from history and now, many would better much choose to live with the world before. Growing population of the human kind has brought chaos and disunity. It has hungered for many and has belittled a lot. In every little thing, we do there are always consequences no matter how minor they are that would continue to haunt us but in a way would be a very helpful eye opener for each of us to think, understand and do. Among the discrepancies man has made today are divorces, pollution and graft and corruption. They may be somewhat little things to many, but it should not be ignored. Ignoring such may improve the severity of the situation at hand. It may further destroy the world not to mention the ties between man and man, and the ties between man and nature. Instead of working together in a world full of despair, man would meet quarrels with man and nature would bring about calamities that even man are not prepared of. Not taking care of the world around us would trigger consequences in the end. It would bring about chaos and destruction. This may be the downfall of the human kind.

Marriage has been a tradition of man in history and up to the present and would continue on to the future. Marriage is the unity of two beings giving them the authority of living with each other and spending the rest of their time with love and satisfaction making them a family to nurture and protect. However, nowadays, marriage is abused. Some would not even think about the true meaning of marriage. They have forgotten the true essence of marriage and have just used this for lust and fame. Because of that, divorce has made known to man. Through divorce, the bond between the two individuals who underwent marriage will be broken and be made null and void. This would signify that the couple could not co-exist with one another and that frequent quarreling lead to the abovementioned agreement. It is sad to think and ponder that marriage is just played by people who think at first they could co-exist with one another. There is no love in this picture. Marriage is supposed to be experienced by a couple who would love one another and swear it to God the Almighty. Divorcing would be breaking the rules and breaking your promise to God. It is one way of saying that man is indeed never contented.

Corruption is common to political entities of this time. It has also been present from the past. However, in comparison, the corruption nowadays is much more intense in comparison to the past. People could not be satisfied of what they have. They would always learn to cheat and do things the easy way not knowing that by doing such many are affected by these said actions and faults. It is never right to cheat. Even in tests, students cheat to get a high score and pass a test. However, then again, in the end, they will have their own set of downfalls.

Pollution is triggered by man as he throws garbage anywhere. As many have noticed, it is much hotter nowadays because of the depletion of the ozone layer. Many wouldn’t care to think of throwing their garbage at the right place and protect Mother Earth. They couldn’t care much less, to even clean their surroundings. People nowadays are really careless and now, Mother Earth has a say bringing in typhoons, earthquakes, giving birth to calamities.

People should stop and think. Are the things they are doing right for the community? Will this be beneficial to the country and to the world? A person is indeed never contented but is it too much to ask to tame oneself not only for you but also for others. Doing so will bring about a brighter future not for us but for the next generations to come.